[ut2003io] Demo Patch

Daniel Vogel vogel at epicgames.com
Sun Sep 15 16:06:27 EDT 2002

The patch is mostly for Windows specific compatibility issues but a Linux
patch will follow shortly with some Linux specific fixes.

The patch won't break network compatibility so this is not a problem.

-- Daniel, Epic Games Inc.

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> On Sun, 2002-09-15 at 14:52, Matthew Arnold wrote:
> > I just noticed on Blue's News that there will be a patch for the demo
> > today. Will there be a patch released for the Linux version as well?
> > Does the auto-update stuff work in Linux?
> >
> > Matt
> It should work just like the windows version. If you installed the game
> as root, I suggest using loki_update to update. updates.lokigames.com
> for the tool if you don't have it.
> --
> -zakk
> zakk at timedoctor.org

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