UT-Linux Error

Wes Mauer caretaker at hellahivemind.com
Sat Sep 14 14:38:46 EDT 2002

I have getting an error while trying to start UT2K3 on my Red Hat 7.3 
system. Here is the error:

[ 1]  ./Core.so [0x409cf692]
[ 2]  /lib/libpthread.so.0 [0x40d7c307]
[ 3]  /lib/libc.so.6 [0x40b59df8]
[ 4]  ./Engine.so(McdNullCreate+0x15) [0x405660dd]
[ 5]  ./Engine.so(McdGMCreate+0x7b) [0x405ba287]
[ 6]  ./Engine.so(KCreateAssetDB__FPP9MeAssetDBPP10McdGeomMan+0x9f) 
[ 7]  ./Engine.so(KInitGameKarma__Fv+0x2a7) [0x401debe7]
[ 8]  ./Engine.so(Init__11UGameEngine+0x111) [0x40259b31]
[ 9]  ./ut2003-bin [0x80550ce]
[10]  ./ut2003-bin(main+0x296e) [0x80580ce]
[11]  /lib/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0x90) [0x40b490c4]
[12]  ./ut2003-bin(GetFullName__C7UObjectPw+0x71) [0x80511b1]
Signal: SIGILL [illegal instruction]

During the install, I got an error that said my GTK+ was an older version, 
but the install proceeded fine. My video card is a Matrox G450, and I do 
not have mesa installed. Also, if I am just interested in running a 
dedicated server, can I get there through the CLI, or is it in game only? 
Thanks in advance.

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