[ut2003io] Linux 2136 patch (really, this time).

Robert Boucher rboucher at bcssi.com
Wed Oct 30 15:31:55 EST 2002

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
>> Ugh.  So does this mean UT2003 will never be patched easily on a stock 
>> Glibc 2.3 system or above?
> loki_update has support for different glibc's in the patch info. I'll
> have to look into it, but there might be a way to bypass this (put 
> glibc-specific updates in there until the patch paths merge at 2136, 
> where the patch binary should be compatible). I can't promise this, 
> because it may simply not work that way. I'll have to check.

I have an idea if you're open to alternatives:

1) Dump all exising patches.
2) Create a "known good" patch from retail -> 2136.

New or retail users will just use the update w/o issues.

Everyone else can use the tarball to get themselves to 2136.

Just an idea, but it seems to me to be a better solution than possibly 
dealing with this long term.

Also, FWIW, I'm using a current Slackware beta which exhibits the same 
problems as Debian unstable.


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