[ut2003io] Linux patch is here!

Michiel El Muerte Hendriks elmuerte at el-muerte.student.utwente.nl
Sun Oct 27 07:56:22 EST 2002

On Sun, Oct 27, 2002 at 01:48:40PM +0100, Stefan Gehn wrote:
> Yeah, go run distros like ReadHat shipping broken compilers or Mandarke 
> shipping weird headerfiles for v4l, that's surely a lot better :P
> Really, what is this reply for except ranting about debian?
> Bye, Stefan

this is no rant about debian, I also use debian on all my systems, I
just say that it's not wise to use debian unstable because the next
apt-get update might break your system.

dbian unstable is only what you want to be running on your developing
machine, not your server or workstation. testing is fine for your
workstation and usualy also ok for your server.

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