Debian Unstable Segfault Workaround

Jeff jm at
Sat Oct 26 13:35:21 EDT 2002

Okay, worked around the debian unstable glibc segfualt problem with some

Go here:

download and compile 

loki_setupdb (required for loki_patch)

in loki_patch you may have to add a NULL argument to line 52 of

        loki_create_option(component, "Base Install", NULL);

I also had to link some headers for glib
from /usr/include/glib-1.2/glib.h to /usr/include/glib.h
and /usr/lib/glib/include/glibconfig.h to /usr/include/glibconfig.h
you also might have to install libxdelta2-dev

Then download the

sh --keep

which will segfault, but keep the files

cd ut2003lnx-2126-x86

then copy your newly compiled loki_patch over

then finally run the ut2003lnx-2126-x86/

At least it worked for me. There might be a much easier way to get
around it.  Maybe a glibc-2.3 installer would be a good idea, but I'm
not sure how easy it would be to put together.


On Sat, 2002-10-26 at 09:55, Jeff Mrochuk wrote:
> Ahh, fun stuff
> On Sat, 2002-10-26 at 10:53, zakk wrote:
> > You're probably running debian. The new glibc in unstable breaks
> > loki_patch, among other things.
> > -- 
> > -zakk
> > zakk at
> >
> > 

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