[ut2003io] Mouse button 6 & 7

Johan Schuring johan at vetteblei.dyndns.org
Thu Oct 24 09:21:11 EDT 2002

Bernd Dau (Bernd at Daucity.de) wrote: 
>Does anybody know how to activate Mouse Button 6 & 7 ?
 It can't.

See the nice response from Sam Lantinga on a email from me:

> Hi,

> I'm using a mouse with 7 buttons, a mouse with 5 buttons and wheel.

> Listing of "xinput list Mouse1":

> "Mouse1" id=0 [XPointer]
> Num_buttons is 7
> Num_axes is 2
> Mode is Relative
> Motion_buffer is 256
> etc.etc.....

> Is there a configuration or VARIABLE to use all the 7 buttons in a SDL application.

SDL doesn't use the XInput extension at the moment.
However, if you want to add support for it, I'll be happy to accept a patch.

See ya!
-Sam Lantinga, Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment 

Too bad i'm not a coder, maybe some others ?????

Johan (dorpsgek)
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