[ut2003io] Performance under Linux

Matthew Arnold marnold at EZ-NET.COM
Sat Oct 19 22:15:10 EDT 2002

Pascal Lalonde wrote:

> My system is:
> Athlon 1.2gHz
> 256MB PC2100DDR
> ASUS V7100MAGIC (GeForce2 w 32MB)
> A7A266 motherboard (with the M1647 chipset)
> At first I thought it could be because of my AGP (because the nvidia
> driver disables AGP when faced with an M1647), which by default is
> disabled under both Win32 and Linux (according to the ut2003 logfile).
> Under windows, I didn't find a way to override this, but under Linux,
> they say you can modify a flag in the source code to enable AGP anyway
> at your own risk. That's what I did, and I managed to run the game with
> AGP enabled at 1x (2x and 4x simply freeze my system). But I still get
> 10-15FPS most of the time (in 640x480, low details).

My motherboard is the IWill XP333 that uses the "c" stepping of the ALi 
MAGiK chipset. I have an NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti200. Everything works great 
using AGPGART. FWIW, /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status reports the following:

Status:          Enabled
Driver:          AGPGART
AGP Rate:        4x
Fast Writes:     Disabled
SBA:             Disabled

Try using AGPGART instead of the NVIDIA AGP implementation. It's rock 
solid for me.

> One strange thing though: they say that AGP is a crucial component and
> without it the game will be very slow. Yet, under Windows, I get
> 30-60FPS, even *without* AGP, while on Linux I get my 10-15FPS *with* AGP.
> I don't mean to do the usual apple vs. orange comparison, but this is
> such a gap that I'm thinking there is something I do really wrong.

I have noticed a difference between D3D in Windows and OpenGL in Linux, 
although not as great as you noticed. However, the scores using the 
OpenGL driver in Windows are almost identical to the ones in Linux.


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