[ut2003io] Downloading Maps

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Fri Oct 18 20:39:54 EDT 2002

> I believe this will be fixed in the next patch, until then, you could
> make it writable.

No, it's a bug in our code, and has nothing to do with file paths and 
write permissions:

Copy() returns COPY_OK (which is zero), but the Linux code is still 
checking the return value from the old Copy routine that returned a 
bool, so when it uses the old behaviour:

    if (!Copy())
       // there was a problem

It (incorrectly) thinks there's a problem.

The upcoming patch fixes this, which in turn fixes like 18,000,000 other 
bugs (like the mastermd5 commandlet and the in-this-case-harmless "Error 
saving ../Saves/Username.usx" messages in single player mode). Some of 
these errors leave the file behind anyhow (which is why the single 
player error is harmless), so you might find that the file is in the 
right place if you reconnect to the server, but I haven't tried this.


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