[ut2003io] Question about ut2003 dedicated server install

Spadge Fromley spadge at fromley.net
Thu Oct 17 20:19:20 EDT 2002

At 16:06 17/10/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>Cool - that gets me off to a good start.  Is there a list of vars I can
>pass to the ucc-bin script other than server, AdminName, AdminPassword,
>GamesPassword, and GameStats (ucc-bin --help is no help).]
>BTW, this is just for a lan server - you don't have to worry about a
>n00b like me trying to run a public server.  :)

Heh, the more the merrier, n00b or no.

Pretty much everything in the .ini can go in the cmd line, I think.  Or at 
least most stuff.  I mean, I wouldn't put the gfx or audio stuff in there.

I do recall someone posted a web page with this sort of stuff on it, but I 
don't recall who, or where. Sorry.

Spadge Fromley

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