[ut2003io] Differences between Linux and Windows UT2003 port

Peter Bruley pbruley at highstream.net
Wed Oct 16 23:10:15 EDT 2002

Here is an interesting article about UT2003 being benchmarked under 
Windoze with various "video cards"


This article states that my  setup (1.3Ghz-Athlon-512MB-PC2100DDR 
Nvidia-32MB-GeForce2-PRO) should get about 80FPS under windoze at 
800x600 in High-Detail.

In reality under LINUX I only get about 50 FPS.

I am however using the UT2003-demo so I am wondering if the real version 
does any better?


Joseph Tan wrote:

>Hi all,
>I've spent about a week on the UT2003 Linux port, and aside from the
>single player hostname-related seg fault recently found - it has worked
>A few questions that I hope that Daniel and Ryan might attend to:
>1. Accurately benchmarking between Linux and Windows is difficult since
>the botmatches on the same level are NOT of the same sequences. There
>appear to be randomly generated 'seed' IDs, but from the benchmark
>scripts, it's not clear how the a benchmarker might specify a seed
>2. The Linux (and I believe Windows) OpenGL renders don't display the
>nice character shadows as the Direct3D Windows port. Not that I'm
>overtly complaining, but was a technical reason for this? If the OpenGL
>renderer is still in development, would we see it coming in in a future
>Joseph Tan


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