Differences between Linux and Windows UT2003 port

Joseph Tan j.tan at softhome.net
Sun Oct 13 18:44:14 EDT 2002

Hi all,

I've spent about a week on the UT2003 Linux port, and aside from the
single player hostname-related seg fault recently found - it has worked

A few questions that I hope that Daniel and Ryan might attend to:

1. Accurately benchmarking between Linux and Windows is difficult since
the botmatches on the same level are NOT of the same sequences. There
appear to be randomly generated 'seed' IDs, but from the benchmark
scripts, it's not clear how the a benchmarker might specify a seed

2. The Linux (and I believe Windows) OpenGL renders don't display the
nice character shadows as the Direct3D Windows port. Not that I'm
overtly complaining, but was a technical reason for this? If the OpenGL
renderer is still in development, would we see it coming in in a future

Joseph Tan
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