[ut2003io] optimized openal.so = more speed

Matthew Arnold marnold at EZ-NET.COM
Fri Oct 11 10:49:51 EDT 2002

Felix Maibaum wrote:
> So have you tried gcc3 at all? for all I've heard it should be quite stable by 
> now.
> back to openal:
> since I don't know who else to ask: how good is hardware acceleration support 
> in openal anyway? I mean my SBLive! should be able to mix those 32 or 
> something channels in hardware without a problem. Why doesn't OpenAL just let 
> it do that?

Because Creative has not come up with its own drivers nor have they 
released the specs on the emu10k1 chips so that the open source 
community can do it. They've been promising binary drivers for what 
seems like an eternity. Until they do one or they other, most of the 
SoundBlaster Live/Audigy's power will lie untapped.


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