Slowdown after map changes

Carsten Weinhold at
Fri Oct 11 06:40:59 EDT 2002


I got a strange problem:
After changing or reloading maps four or five times the frame rates drop 
to about 50% of the normal values. I can reproduce this by starting the 
game, entering a map, go back to main menu (I click on 'forfeit' 
already in spectator mode to abort). Then I start another match, exit 
it, start another ... when entering e.g. CTF-Magma the fourth time it 
happens, my frame rate drops to unplayable 20-25 fps (normal 35+). On 
other maps it sometimes takes 5 or more reloads, but sooner or later 
it'll happen. It doesn't matter, whether you complete a match or leave 
the map immediately after loading.
This problem also occurs when I start the game with -nosound and it was 
also there in the demo. The only way to get normal game speed again is 
to restart the game.

Has anyone else noticed this? I didn't see a bug report about it.

I don't know, whether it is important or not, but when I terminate X it 
complains about a missing MTRR for one of the memory segments X/the 
graphics driver uses.


My system:
AthlonXP 1800+, Via KT266A board, GeForce III Ti200, 512 MB DDR
Debian Woody, Linux 2.4.19-ac4, NVidia driver 1.0-3123

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