[ut2003io] timedemo fps & Console Commands?

Peter Bruley pbruley at highstream.net
Thu Oct 10 10:08:59 EDT 2002

Thanks for the info Dan

It's good to know that a person from EPIC really cares about LINUX 

When the new solution hits the street please come back and inform us.


Daniel Vogel wrote:

>>I believe you'll see more of an improvement from a newer CPU.
>>Could be wrong, of course, but it seems like UT games are more
>>CPU-dependent, rather than GPU-dependent.
>Depends on the resolution, but you are right, the Linux version is more CPU
>dependent than the Windows version for two reasons: neither gcc nor my
>OpenGL renderer are known for speed ;)
>On Windows the OpenGL renderer is roughly as fast as the D3D renderer with
>both ATI and NVIDIA cards though YMMV. With NVIDIA cards the mileage varies
>a lot though there is a good solution on the horizon for static geometry
>which should make performance across customers machines more even than it is
>at the moment (there just is so much that can go wrong and degrade
>performance at the moment). Some NVIDIA card/ driver combinations e.g. are a
>bit slow with my OpenGL renderer though a GF4 + recent drivers ~=
>performance of the D3D renderer.
>-- Daniel, Epic Games Inc.


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