[ut2003io] timedemo fps & Console Commands?

Daniel Vogel vogel at epicgames.com
Wed Oct 9 23:26:57 EDT 2002

> I believe you'll see more of an improvement from a newer CPU.
> Could be wrong, of course, but it seems like UT games are more
> CPU-dependent, rather than GPU-dependent.

Depends on the resolution, but you are right, the Linux version is more CPU
dependent than the Windows version for two reasons: neither gcc nor my
OpenGL renderer are known for speed ;)

On Windows the OpenGL renderer is roughly as fast as the D3D renderer with
both ATI and NVIDIA cards though YMMV. With NVIDIA cards the mileage varies
a lot though there is a good solution on the horizon for static geometry
which should make performance across customers machines more even than it is
at the moment (there just is so much that can go wrong and degrade
performance at the moment). Some NVIDIA card/ driver combinations e.g. are a
bit slow with my OpenGL renderer though a GF4 + recent drivers ~=
performance of the D3D renderer.

-- Daniel, Epic Games Inc.

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