[ut2003io] Firewall and Stats Problem

Bryce Kennedy superprofits at attbi.com
Sun Oct 6 10:36:55 EDT 2002

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Yea for actual kill stats like UT but I have been on servers today that where 
enabled but I was killing bots, I need to know all the stock ports ut2003 
uses and if any are tcp or udp or icmp? Thanks Though!

On Sunday 06 October 2002 07:17 pm, Spadge Fromley wrote:
> At 06:04 06/10/2002 -0700, you wrote:
> >My UT server worked perfect with my firewall setup and when I added UT2003
> >(lInux) I opened up more ports (UDP) 7777-7790 and the ones I already had
> > of course 27900 etc. I do not show up on the list of servers even though
> > I am connecting to the master server. I get a game ID of 0 if that
> > matters. Also the stats are enabled yet when connecting it says stat
> > server not found and disables them, maybe these are related. I thought
> > maybee the stat server was not up yet but I noticed other servers are in
> > fact enabled. TIA
> Do you have Bots or MinPlayers enabled?  As far as I can make out, stats
> are disabled if either case be true.
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