Solved: UT2k3 locks hard when using Nvidia TwinView (dual monitors)

Jim Horvath horvath at
Sun Oct 6 15:54:34 EDT 2002

The config:
	Athlon XP 2100+
	Gigabyte GZ-7VRXP (VIA KT333 chipset)
	512 megs
	Gainward geforce 4 4400
	Sound is (ack!) onboard Creative CT5880
	Running RedHat 8.0.

Using NVidia's TwinView feature to run two monitors off of one card,
UT2k3 locks the system hard and requires a reset after 5-15 minutes of
play.  Turning off TwinView in XF86Config and going back to one monitor
fixes the UT lock.  Not sure if this is a UT or NVidia problem but it's
being reported to both.  See this thread for details:

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