[ut2003io] Re: [ut2003servers] UT2003 dedicated server

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Fri Oct 4 02:54:03 EDT 2002

Warren Woodward wrote:
> So, in theory, can I rm -rf this huge ass 3 GB dir, replace it with this
> ded server, and have it launch with the existing .ut2003/ dir, or would I
> have to reconfigure the whole thing again?  I'm not excited to touch what
> I spent most of the week perfecting, but I really need the space on the
> drive.

If you used the installer for the big-ass 3 GB dir (instead of FTPing 
the dir or something), you should use the "uninstall" script in the root 
of the game dirs to remove it. The .ut2003 in your homedir will NOT be 

The data and binaries in the dedicated-only download are IDENTICAL to 
the files on the retail disc (with unnecessary files stripped out for 
size and piracy issues), so your .ini files WILL work with them.


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