How to get the commandline for running your UT server

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Ok, let me show you a trick

Requires a windows box, and ut2k3.

Go in to ut2k3
Host a new online game
set it up to all the settings you want your server to be.
set the server to be a dedicated server.

Launch it.

You will return to your windows desktop and have a "console" screen up for
UT2k3.  When it's done loading, it should pause for a little bit.  Take
your mouse and scroll up to where it says executed command or something
like that.  You will see a really long line that gets cut off.  Put your
mouse at the start of that line, and select down by 1 line.  It should now
have that entire line selected.  Hit Cntrl-C or Cntrl-Insert and it
will now be saved in your mouse buffer (clipboard).  From this point open
up notepad and just use paste to see how the server started.  To covert
this line to a linux startable do this.

./ucc-bin server PASTEDLINEHERE ini=server.ini 

the ini=server.ini if you have any special settings or run more then one

If you want to run it off another ip address add a space and
multihome=ipaddress to the end of the command and your good to go.

Chris G.

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