UT2003 Suggestions from an Admin (fwd)

Lord Demios grahn at thegamebox.net
Wed Oct 2 13:37:34 EDT 2002

Sorry, this went to another list, and not the one I wanted.  If your on
that list and have gotten this before, I'm sorry, just think it's
important info.

Chris G.

I can post a hacked up ini that has been working for me.  In general these
are the sections you don't need for a dedicated server.  Now back up your
original file before doing this, because you will break it from ever being
a client.
Hack out the lines that have ### in the front of them

Console=XInterface.extendedconsole  (Can This Be Removed?)
GUIController=XInterface.GUIController (Can This Be Removed?)
Render=Render.Render (Can This Be Removed?)

Leave [Core.System] alone
Leave [Engine.GameEngine] alone

Delete [WinDrv.WindowsClient]
Delete [SDLDrv.SDLClient]

Leave [Engine.Player] alone

Delete [ALAudio.ALAudioSubsystem]

Leave [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] alone
Leave [IpDrv.HTTPDownload] alone

Leave [Engine.DemoRecDriver] alone (This is for allowing players to do
demo records?)

Leave [Engine.GameReplicationInfo] alone
Leave [IpServer.UdpServerQuery] alone
Leave [IpDrv.UdpBeacon] alone 

Delete [D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice]
Delete [OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice]

Leave [Engine.NullRenderDevice] alone

Delete [Editor.EditorEngine]

Leave [UWeb.WebServer] alone
Leave [Engine.Console] alone (Can you nuke this?)
Leave [Engine.AccessControl] alone (I still can't get admin pass to work)
Leave [Engine.GameInfo] alone
Leave [Engine.AmbientSound] alone (Probably can be deleted?)
Leave [Engine.LevelInfo] alone (Probably can be deleted?)

I left the[[xInterface.Tab_MultiplayerHostMain] and other xInterface
all in place, but if they can be deleted, that would be great.

Leave all the [XGame.*] items in place, this is where UT2k3 reads it's
game info from the ini.

Leave [IpDrv.MasterServerLink] alone

After all that has been said, is there a way to say I want to use this
ini file for user.ini instead of the default?

I would also have to agree that UT2K3's back end needs a lot of work for
joe blow to be able to install and run it.  At my work (XMission.com) we
host many many game servers in our "FragFarm".  So far, I have had to help
most of our admins get UT2k3 Full/Demo running.  The only way I am able to
do this is because of all the UT admin experiance.

One question I have related to ini's.  If I have a game running, make a
change to the ini, and then kill off the game.  Do I (a) Loose all my
changes I have made in the ini.  UT would write back to the ini at random
erasing any changes there, and changes done on the webadmin were not saved
to the INI 100%.   Or (b), Do they stay, and UT2k3 will load those changes
upon starting a server back up.

Kind of a spew of information, but if any of it is wrong please correct

Hope it helps

Chris G.

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