[ut2003io] cdrom/install issues

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Wed Oct 2 01:59:38 EDT 2002

> Is there a FAQ or anything going for common issues?

(zakk: has this hit the lgfaq yet?)

The discs the installer asks for are misnamed. This was an unfortunate 
problem right before we went gold. It asks for "play disc", "disc 1", 
"disc 2", but it SHOULD ask for "disc 1", "disc 2", "disc 3".

The reason that it copies a bunch of files quickly and then takes 
forever for each file is because most of the files are compressed with 
ut2003's proprietary "uz2" format, and we're spawning a program to 
decompress each one. This game takes a LONG time to install. This is normal.

The CD mounting/detection/etc code in loki_setup doesn't appear to be as 
robust as it should be (hence error messages, accesses to second CD-ROM 
drives, etc), but it should be able to choke through on most systems.


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