cdrom/install issues

ken lierman klierman at
Wed Oct 2 00:51:44 EDT 2002

Hi all... just joined in case this has been discussed.

Got 2k3, installed in windows perfectly, etc.

Went to install in linux, having alot of strange behavior, mostly
surrounding cdrom access.  Unfortunately i just recently upgraded to
mandrake 9.0, so not 100% sure where the problem is.... but i'll explain
what i'm seeing.

dual athlon
2 ide cdrom drivers
- 1 using ide drivers                   = /mnt/cdrom
- 1 using ide-scsi (cd-rw drive)        = /mnt/cdrom2

1) put disk3 in /mnt/cdrom, run installer, all good. prompts me for the
?? cd (disk 1), put it in (/mnt/cdrom), hit yes.  Starts installing but
taking forever.  My 2nd cdrom drive (w/out a disk) is constantly being
accessed.  Each file in the installer takes several seconds.  If i eject
the 2nd cd, it immediately sucks it back in.  Putting any cd in the 2nd
drive seems to make it happer (stops constant access... but then i get

2) getting tons of cdrom read errors.... only on the ut disks, not on
other media.  Again, the worked fine in windows. (this might be mdk 9
weirdness).  This is making the install take forever, as i have to eject
and reinsert the disk for the installer to continue.

Anyway, what i have currently done is:
- copied disks 1 and 2 to my hard drive
- started installer
when asked for disk switch, did:
    eject /mnt/cdrom
    mount --bind /tmp/ut/d1 /mnt/cdrom
    click yes
(repeat when disk 2 is requested)

3) actually, i'm starting to think my problem is mostly that the
installer isn't prompting for the right disks.... i just had to stick in
disk 2 about 1/2 way into the install w/out it asking for it, then about
3/4 of the way through it asked for disk 2 when it was already in, and i
had to put in disk 3 to continue?!?!?!

Is there a FAQ or anything going for common issues?


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