[ut2003io] Tuxgames

Steffen Klemer masterofheap at gmx.net
Tue Oct 1 12:51:56 EDT 2002

Am 2002.10.01 02:16 schrieb(en) Jim Norton:
   > Anyone have good/bad experiences with Tuxgames?  How long does it
   > usually take
   > them to get stock for a new game?  The reason i'm asking is that
   > Tuxgames
   > webpage still has Nov. 1 as a release date (they haven't updated it
   > since the
   > 10th of November) and I have a pre-order with them so ... basically
   > what i'm
   > leading up to is : When will I get the game!?!?  Hehe.

What I experienced they ship the games when they arrive there and that is 
mostly right after releasing.
But I had a problem whith sending-seemed like they just forgot my 
pre-order of rtcw or the German Post had problems with shipping out of the 
uk so...
!!!But after some trouble I got my long awaited game and I was happy 
'cause of the linux-game-sell-report-to-id-soft!!!


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