[ut2003io] CD key entry in text mode?

Steve Pirk orion at deathcon.com
Tue Oct 1 08:45:43 EDT 2002

I think I have it right, but it is hard to verify.
On the printed key V's look a lot like U's. Any way
to tell? I tried both, and both give me an auth error.

I guess I should try and get the client working first.
Once I get that authing, I can switch out the cdkey
for the server.

Does the auth system allow a client and a dedicated
server to use the same key? (probably not, but I gotta
ask :-)

Got Slack? - Steve

On Tue, 1 Oct 2002, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

> > Q: Is the key case-sensitive?
> The script that prompts you to enter it will capitalize it, and (I
> think) the game does internally, too.
> > Q: Since there is no "box" to enter the key, do
> >    we need to type the hyphens (-) between the fields?
> Yes.
> > Q: Do I even need to enter it if I will be running
> >    the dedicated server and not the client?
> Yes. I'm not sure how this works for the upcoming downloadable server,
> but for the retail one, you should enter your CD key.
> If the key gets misentered, it is stored as cleartext in
> /where/i/installed/ut2003/System/cdkey ...just edit it there.
> (if you want multiple legal installs on the same box, you can use the
> same installation and put a separate cdkey file in each player's
> $HOME/.ut2003/System/ dir, but I imagine exactly zero people will do this).
> --ryan.

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