[ut2003io] CD key entry in text mode?

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Tue Oct 1 03:15:50 EDT 2002

> Q: Is the key case-sensitive?

The script that prompts you to enter it will capitalize it, and (I 
think) the game does internally, too.

> Q: Since there is no "box" to enter the key, do
>    we need to type the hyphens (-) between the fields?


> Q: Do I even need to enter it if I will be running
>    the dedicated server and not the client?

Yes. I'm not sure how this works for the upcoming downloadable server, 
but for the retail one, you should enter your CD key.

If the key gets misentered, it is stored as cleartext in 
/where/i/installed/ut2003/System/cdkey ...just edit it there.

(if you want multiple legal installs on the same box, you can use the 
same installation and put a separate cdkey file in each player's 
$HOME/.ut2003/System/ dir, but I imagine exactly zero people will do this).


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