[ut2003io] AMD Systems

Jon Erdman cio at progressivepractice.com
Thu Nov 21 22:40:16 EST 2002

Peter Kemmerer wrote:
> Glad that worked for you, Bryce.  Been there, done that here (as well as
> one of my other BU admins), no luck at all.  We probably put in a total
> of 40 hours of tweaking between us, often times working together on the
> phone to help make sure we tried everything possible.  I'm hopeful that
> the switch to an Intel system will get me squared away with UT 2003 /
> Linux.  If not, I'll have the Windows portion of my dual-boot to use.

i have a tyan tiger MP and i was having those problems, mem=nopentium 
cleared them up completely.

i would *heartily* argee with others who say that you needent shy away 
from AMD as a result of this problem. i would suspect that you have some 
sort of hardware problem.

i don't, however, give high marks to via chipsets. i like to stick with 
the AMD chipsets with athlons, or nvidia now that the nforce is 
available. i've just had problems with via stuff in the past, be it AMD 
or Intel cpus.

you might think about trying to find a friend who has a similar 
motherboard and/or video card and try swapping for a few days just for 
"shits and giggles".


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