[ut2003io] AMD Systems

Ian Hastie ianh at ordinal.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Nov 20 14:13:17 EST 2002

Robert Brandtjen wrote:

>Is anyone on the list using an AthalonXP and if so, how is the kernel bug for 
>those systems (cache versus AGP). I'm thinking of building one, but not sure 
>about the linux kernel problems.

AMD say it's been fixed in 2.4.19.  This is what AMD have to say on the 
matter in document 26698

Linux Kernel Issue with Systems Using AGP Graphics

Application Note


Some older Linux kernels have a conflicting cache attribute bug that is 
exposed by advanced speculative caching in newer AMD Athlon" and AMD 
Duron" family processors including AMD Athlon XP, AMD Athlon 4, AMD 
Athlon MP processors, and AMD Duron processors model 6 and above. This 
kernel bug usually shows up under heavy use of accelerated 3D graphics 
with an AGP Graphics card. The symptom of this bug is a system hang on 
the display of AGP graphics.

Only those Linux systems that use AGP graphics cards are potentially 
affected by this bug. Systems not using AGP graphics cards are 
unaffected by this issue.


A permanent fix for the Linux kernel is planned. Until the permanent fix 
is available, Linux kernel 2.4.19 incorporates a bug-fix that 
effectively eliminates this problem. The fix is also available from 
individual vendors at each of the following Linux distribution Web sites:

" Red Hat Linux < http://www.redhat.com/ >
" SuSE Linux < http://www.suse.com/ >
" Caldera OpenLinux < http://www.caldera.com/ >
" Turbolinux < http://www.turbolinux.com/ >
" Mandrake Linux < http://www.mandrakesoft.com/ >

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