University of Twente unreal mirror

Leith leith at
Wed Nov 20 13:57:22 EST 2002

I am sure we have all heard about the fire that ripped through the University of 
Twente NOC. The UT2003 mirror service provided by Michiel El Muerte Hendriks was 
hosted there and is obviously down as well as many other services 
( is a biggun). This is just a heads up for anyone who may 
not be aware. (there is coverage on slashdot).

To Michiel,

If you are out there...somewhere, I would be able to host the mirroring service 
until you are able to get it back online if you would like. (Reports suggest 
this may not be for a few days at the earliest.) Get in touch with me (if you 
can) and we can sort out how to migrate the data.


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