[ut2003io] AMD Systems

Leith leith at qasr.mine.nu
Wed Nov 20 13:51:02 EST 2002


This was fixed a few minor revisions ago (2.4.15ish, not sure exactly), and even 
on those kernels affected, you can just append "mem=nopentium" to the kernel on 
boot up, and you will not be affected. I have used 2.4.18, and 2.4.19 with 
UT2003, and had no problems that could be attributed to this bug.


Robert Brandtjen wrote:
> Is anyone on the list using an AthalonXP and if so, how is the kernel bug for 
> those systems (cache versus AGP). I'm thinking of building one, but not sure 
> about the linux kernel problems.

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