sound issues in freebsd

ydg ydg at
Mon Nov 11 04:45:34 EST 2002

First off I was able to install the nvidia drivers, and the ut2k3 demo
[plus update] in linux compatability mode. if anyone is having problems
with this, id be happy to help getting the game working. I recommend
downgrading to the linux_base-6 if you're using 7, as there seem to be
some [now] known issues with 7 [this broke divxPlayer for me, but
everything else seems ok].
The demo runs quite well, I've played the game in windows and linux, and
it runs noticibly better in bsd than the other two [and i felt it ran
slightly better in linux than windows].
However, my one real issue is with the sound. It is constantly lagged
behind behind the video. For example in the main menu, i mouse the mouse
over one of the menu options, and about 1 second later i hear the sound
affect. this is consistent throughout the game. I've tried switching
between Software Audio, Hardware Audio, and Hardware Audio + EAX [i have
a creative sblive] the last option probably isnt supported in bsd, but i
figured it was worth a shot. Any time i switch one of these sound
options, it instantly locks the game. Im required to kill X, and then
from the console kill the demo [if i try to restart X while the demo is
still running, it will force a reboot of my system].
Besides this problem, everything is pretty smooth. Framerates dont show
any sudden drops, and tho sound isnt synced with the video, it plays
consistantly. The README.Linux mentions SDL and OpenAL, im not too
familiar with either of these, but ill try to look further into it. Just
wanted to make this post, to see if others are having similar problems,
or if there is a known solution.


i assume FreeBSD isnt officially supported, and I havent bought the game
[tho i plan on it], so thanks for any input. It's great to see
developers supporting more than just windows, and it was great to see
nvidia finally release some accelerated bsd drivers :)

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