[ut2003io] FreeBSD

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Fri Nov 8 03:46:33 EST 2002

floam wrote:
> Well, kinda just wondering if anyone would tell me if they think it 
> would run at all. Im not a bsd pro at all, been running gentoo for 
> months but have been itching to try bsd, and if it turns out i can game 
> out it, i definatly will.

It should run. Nvidia sent me a screenshot of Antalus on FreeBSD before 
we shipped the retail version.  :)

That being said:

1) I don't have a FreeBSD setup, so I can't help if you have problems 
(although I'm sure most problems can be worked through by the community).
2) Even if I did have FreeBSD readily available, it's still unsupported.
3) Same basic caveats that apply to Linux apply to FreeBSD (even with 
Nvidia drivers, the TNT2 won't work, etc).

Disclaimers aside, it totally rocks that this works under FreeBSD.  :)


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