[ut2003io] FreeBSD

Spadge Fromley spadge at fromley.net
Fri Nov 8 03:22:35 EST 2002

At 23:07 07/11/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>Well, kinda just wondering if anyone would tell me if they think it would 
>run at all. Im not a bsd pro at all, been running gentoo for months but 
>have been itching to try bsd, and if it turns out i can game out it, i 
>definatly will.

I'm running the dedicated server-only on freeBSD here, and it works a 
treat.  I assume that if your 3d setup works ok, then the game will play 
fine as a client.

I really don't think my Banshee is up to it though, and I'm not sure I can 
be bothered to plug a monitor/keyboard/mouse into the computer anyway ;-P

Spadge Fromley

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