[ut2003io] is there a linux client patch yet?

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Thu Nov 7 15:15:57 EST 2002

> This should avoid the problems with the script.  Of course it isn;t 
> working right now anyway, as unreal.epicgames.com won't give me the 
> updates.txt list.

The server's down. There's some problem with the version of Apache and 
win32 (hey, it's not MY server...). When Jack rolls out of bed (what 
time _is_ it in Korea right now?!) he'll fix it.

A backup site is http://dl.gameservers.nl/ut2k3/updates.txt ... they had 
the misfortune of becoming a mirror when they asked for the patch before 
general release.  :)

(this command is all on one line and run as the user that installed the 

/where/i/installed/ut2003/updater/loki_update --update_url 
http://dl.gameservers.nl/ut2k3/updates.txt ut2003

> BTW, I really dislike that /where/i/hid/it sort of notation, because you 
> just know that some twit will type exactly that and then wonder why it 
> didn't work!  Perhaps a more *nixish way would be 
> ${UT2003_ROOT}/whatever ...

They'll type that, too, thinking it's too high-tech to understand.  :)


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