[ut2003io] is there a linux client patch yet?

Ian Hastie ianh at ordinal.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Nov 7 14:55:54 EST 2002

J Holder wrote:

>Ryan C. Gordon said:
>>>that has a URL for the patch in it.  I didnt look at this bug last
>>>night when I was looking at the site.
>>The autoupdater takes care of this for you (there's also a 2136 that
>>applies on top of 2126).
>>su who_i_installed_the_game_as
>I am surprised that they are using an auto updater.  Not once in all the
>time I played half life did the auto updater work for me.  I always had to
>go and get the patches by hand.  It was with that mentality that I was
>looking for a downloadable patch for ut2003.
>I hope the auto update for unreal 2003 works better than my past
>experiences.  I have some loki games from way back that loki_update didnt
>really work as advertised.  I can only hope there was a lot of bug
>whacking between the last time I used it and now.

I have found loki_update to work very well.  It was the update script 
that was broken, and that's fixed by the first patch.  OK... so how do 
you apply it... :-)

>If you read that URL i posted, apparently loki_update may not work
>correctly unless you hand apply one patch first by hand.  I dont know if
>thats an issue with the updater, or just a problem with their patch.
>I will run the update with fingers crossed.  But first I will back up my
>install directory.

I would suggest that, for the first patch, you do it in X with the 
following command


This should avoid the problems with the script.  Of course it isn;t 
working right now anyway, as unreal.epicgames.com won't give me the 
updates.txt list.

BTW, I really dislike that /where/i/hid/it sort of notation, because you 
just know that some twit will type exactly that and then wonder why it 
didn't work!  Perhaps a more *nixish way would be 
${UT2003_ROOT}/whatever ...


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