[ut2003io] One install, two platforms. Doable?

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Sun Nov 3 00:56:47 EST 2002

> i'd say it'd probably not be worth the trouble. play it in one or the
> other, or buy more disk. easier than messing around, unless you want to
> write a crapload of scripts.

Patching/autoupdating will be broken, but you can:

run linux_installer.sh --keep
That should leave a copy somewhere (your $TMPDIR ? I can't remember 
right now...) ...

Go into the directory it leaves behind (/tmp/ut2003_* or something).
In that directory is a tarball: ut2003lnxbins.tar

cd /win32disk/where/i/installed/ut2003/
tar -xf /where/that/tarball/is/ut2003lnxbins.tar
Play from there.

The win32 default.ini uses the D3DDrv and WinDrv by default, which means 
the game will refuse to load (since those interfaces aren't available on 
Linux). It will write a UT2003.ini file with those values to your 
homedir ($HOME/.ut2003/System/UT2003.ini). Just go in there and change 
them to use OpenGLDrv and SDLDrv (you'll see this in the .INI it writes 
out), and the game should load.

This is _totally_ untested, and a little vague, since I don't have the 
info in front of me. I don't recommend doing this (and I don't want to 
hear bug reports if something doesn't work after you do this), but it 
SHOULD be possible with a little effort.


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