One install, two platforms. Doable?

fyn at fyn at
Sun Nov 3 00:19:04 EST 2002

I play games on a system that dual-boots Win2k and Linux.  
Both mount a largish FAT32 partition that I install all my games onto. 

Rather than waste another 2.5Gb installing a second copy of Unreal Tournament
2003 in Linux, is it possible just to untar a few binaries into the system
directory or somesuch?  

Does anyone have an advice outlining this process or an idea of where to
begin? is partially binary so it's not exactly
self-explanatory what it's doing .. 

Since I've got my Windows copy up to date with the latest patch, would
extracting the Linux patch be sufficient, or are there files from the CD not
included in the patch? 

Thanks in advance,


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