[ut2003io] sound problems with 2136 patch

Stefan Gehn sgehn at gmx.net
Sat Nov 2 12:06:22 EST 2002


On Samstag November 2 2002 03:08, Joseph Tan wrote:
> I haven't tried multiplayer yet with 2136, but I do know that I've had
> constant popping and scratching problems with my SB Live (EMU10K1) in
> UT2003 Linux even in bot matches. I have an older SB 128 PCI (ES371)
> which works perfectly so I have that currently installed.

Well, sound is not perfect here either but that is caused by several things I 
1. I only use 16 channels to lower cpu usage
2. OpenAL is crap (WTF do I want with a lib that is said to support 3D-Audio 
without no backend for my 3D-Audio capable soundcard?)
3. Some sounds are just too loud (flak sound for instance)

Bye, Stefan
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