[ut2003io] Linux client and passworded servers: possible workaround

[Apoc]Death death at apoc.org
Mon Dec 30 16:40:47 EST 2002

On Mon, 30 Dec 2002, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

> The workaround was only obvious if you had the ut2003 source in front of
> you.  :)

Yeah, but still, in hindsight it seems like a similar syntax arrangement
to the ucc server syntax, and I sortof knew that and should have
thought to play around with that a bit more...  Eh, whatever...  One way
or the other, we at least have something now!  I was sick of booting down
to Windoz to play on my own server!  Just having the workaround is going
to be worlds better (once I have some time to play... :( )...  Excellent

> > Holy crap!  It worked!  I used this on my Linux client to connect to my
> > Win2k test server on my LAN...  Sadly my Linux server hung overnight, so I
> > need to get to it and reboot it before I can test Linux client to Linux
> > server...  Should happen sometime today, but this still is encouraging!

The update on this stuff is that my Linux server is not a happy beastie,
so I can't test on it today...  Once my sysadmin gets his butt in gear,
though, I'll be able to do the same test when the server and client both
are Linux...  It seems you have a pretty good handle on the diagnosis of this
one anyway, so it will no doubt work.  When I can, I'll test it out anyway
and post the result, just for completeness on my end...

> It appears that setting up the client to "travel" to a new server while
> it's already trying to travel to one causes problems for the Linux
> client. I have no idea why yet, but it does.
> Basically, what's happening is the server sends back a "NEEDPW"
> notification, we pop up a dialog, and immediately try to travel to the
> same server with "?password=xxxxxx" appended to the end of it. Using the
> console directly skips this extra travel attempt. If you have the
> password in your .ini file, it will skip the dialog, but still trigger a
> second travel attempt (The .ini file password isn't used until the
> client receives a "NEEDPW" in ut2003, so this still triggers a second
> travel attempt).

Very nice description...  I actually understood something posted on this
dis-list!  Woo hoo!!

> > Is the MacOS X version out???  Please, please tell me it is!  I've got two
> > Mac users in my clan who've been dying for this game!!  Thanks!!
> Not yet, but it's close.

<rubs hands together, Mr. Burns style> Excellent... </rubs hands>

That's very, very good news.  Thanks again, Ryan...


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