[ut2003io] Couple of errors

[Apoc]Death death at apoc.org
Thu Dec 26 17:04:49 EST 2002

> One other thing, my Webadmin stops working every so often and wont work
> again until I restart it, and also the server stops responding to
> gamespy etc. but the server plays ok... I can join it etc and it will be
> fine.

Are you running BR or CTF?  If so, the problems I had were connected to
the maps BR-Slaughterhouse and CTF-Face3.  Everytime these maps came up
in the rotation, the web admin would hang when the server tried to switch
away from them.  I (and several others, so I've gathered) took those maps
out of rotation and haven't had a webadmin crash since.  I have no clue
if this was fixed in patch 2166, but it remained as of 2136...  Ryan,
any ideas?

This is the semi-official thread on the subject (ie, where most people get
referred to when they have this problem):

Hope this helps you out!  Good Luck!


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