[ut2003io] all Server pings N/a

Ian Hastie ianh at ordinal.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Dec 26 15:21:59 EST 2002

G.D. Bell wrote:

>Hi all
>I'm having trouble getting a ping from any server on
>the list...after pinging servers to find one that I
>want to connect to they come back as N/A
>Could this be the result that my linux box is on the
>highest possible firewall setting?
Most likely, but only you can tell for sure.  Try it on a setting one or 
two security levels lower and see if it works then.  If still no luck 
you should be able to get away with switching it off for a short while. 
 Depends on whether or not you think the slightly increased risk it 
worth it.


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