[ut2003io] problems on debain woody

Maik Holtkamp s-y-l at gmx.net
Thu Dec 19 13:22:34 EST 2002


0n 02/12/18 at 19:41 Ryan C. Gordon told me:

> >I would greatly appreciate any hint in this matter (excluding this
> >via-SB stuff would be so). TIA
> Are you sure you don't have a corrupted filesystem?

Shit can happen, of course, but tried it on two FS (even different
devices) and the same trouble

> <please_don't_use_this_for_piracy>
> If you can get it to install on another box, copying the installed 
> directory over to your system will work, too. Just make sure you also 
> copy the ~/.loki/installed/ut2003.xml file from the user that installed 
> it, too, so the autoupdater can work.
> </please_don't_use_this_for_piracy>

Don't worry about your tags, I wouldn't have bought, if I plan to
use it that way. Probably I could convince my friend to install nfs
server on his laptop, thanks for hint.

BTW: Just deattached all cards except nvidia -> same problem :(.

> --ryan.
_Maik Holtkamp_

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