[ut2003io] problems on debain woody

Maik Holtkamp s-y-l at gmx.net
Thu Dec 19 12:15:19 EST 2002


Robert Brandtjen wrote:

> I have 1 drive as hda, a DVD/CD drive as hdb and sharing the second bus is a 
> backup drive as HDC. I have nothing on the two Promise buses. I also have a 
> SCSI CD-RW running off of a PCI scsi card - when I installed, I placed CD-1 
> in the DVD/CD drive and CD-2 in the SCSI drive - installation went without a 
> hitch.

Ok, THX, but most interessting would be kernel version.

> Are you getting any "dmesg" errors concerning the drives ?

No, I have this hardware config running for about 1 years (or 2?), no 
problems. To conclude (again?):

Athlon XP 1900 (ok, this is just running for about 4 month)
256 MB RAM (change meanwhile)
ASUS DVD (dunno specific type sorry)
ASUS 7100 (GF2MX)
Adaptec 2940
	Yamaha 1664 SCSI burner
	HP 1534? DSS3 Streamer
	Mircotec E2 Scanner
Pinnacle Studio DV ieee1394 card
Hauppauge WinTV FM, PCI
Soundlaster live 1024 player
D-Link 530 TX (via-rhine)

Running on debian woody kernel 2.4.18 xfs patched. I tried the latest 3 
nvidia drivers.

hda/hdb = 1. promise
	  hda IBM 30 GB
	  hdb Maxtor 40 GB

hdc/hdd = 2. via
           hdd=Asus DVD

hde/hdf = 2. promise
           hde = Maxtor 80 GB
           hdf = nothing

I connected the drives to the promisse as those days, since IIRC the 
discussions off the via Southbrigde bug did always hit the via 
controllers not the promise.

I will try to unplug&p[rl]ay next and run the drives in pio (just for 
install), however, it could take some nights.

Thanks again for all sugesstions.

- maik

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