[ssam] Serious Sam Firsts - Install problem

Relic2K relic2k at canada.com
Sun Mar 16 17:24:07 EST 2003

Yeah you just have to use the "/usr/local/games/ssamtse/Bin
/ssam_linxded DefaultCoop". I just created a shortcut on my desktop to start 
it, the key is get the /home/user/.serious/serioussamMP/ files copied over 
from the /usr/local/games/ssamtse/ .

$cp -R /usr/local/games/ssamtse/Scripts /home/user/.serious/serioussamMP/

Then you need to edit, the 
~/.serious/serioussamMP/Scripts/Dedicated/DefaultCoop/init.ini file to how 
you want your server to run.

On Sunday 16 March 2003 05:10 pm, Matrix wrote:
> Humm... well I will give it a shot and see what happens :)
> BTW: Is there a command line startup for dedicated servers?  (Console
> based)  ...so I can start it up without a GUI.
> --Matrix
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> Subject: RE: [ssam] Serious Sam Firsts - Install problem
> > Ohhh... so that bug is a server side trigger?  ...or is that just a
> bug
> > when playing in linux single player?
> The server dictates where actors are in the world, so when an actor
> "falls
> through the floor" on the server, the server will force the clients into
> the same state, which basically ruins the game.
> > One last thing, you said "Linux-to-Linux", what about Linux dedicated
> > server and windows clients connecting to the Linux server?  ...any
> > problems there?
> As far as I know, the two are incompatible, since there's a checksum on
> a
> floating point value involved, and gcc won't ever hit the same precision
> as Visual C (and vice versa). I alerted Croteam, and they said they
> planned to fix this in a later patch.
> The Linux codebase is at 1.07, Win32 is at 1.50 or something right now,
> so
> it might be fixed, but I haven't gotten those changes (well, I haven't
> even asked for them).
> --ryan.

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