Ghost Client Connections.

Relic2K relic2k at
Sun Mar 16 07:56:09 EST 2003

I have a Dedicated SSSE linux server running, since the initial release, and 
it has been running pretty steadily so far. One issue I have noticed is that 
after a few hours of running, it creates ghost connections, which will look
like the normal connections being established when running the SSFE Dedicated
Linux Server, except that there is no real data being exchanged between the 
Server and the clients, like when a normal client joins. The server gets 
maxed out by these ghost connections, and if I don't restart the server, no 
one else can join including me. Another thing I have noticed is that with 
SSSE, my Player settings don't save, I have to keep rechanging my player 
name, and Team back to none, every time I rejoin the server. Cheers
Virginia Beach, VA
E-Mail: relic2k at
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