[smpeg] release tarball pls

John Spencer maillist-smpeg at barfooze.de
Tue Jul 8 11:56:59 EDT 2014

John Spencer wrote:
> so rather than forcing all distros to use the ancient release + a ton of 
> custom fixups, how about distributing finally an up-to-date version?

btw, you should update libtool to latest as well, since the version in 
use (2.2.something, as introduced in rev 385) doesn't even support 
lt_sysroot, which is necessary for cross-compilation.

i'm not a libtool/autoconf expert, but afaik other projects using it 
don't even include it (and the other m4 files) in their source trees, 
all needed files for distribution are generated/copied from the host 
system when autoreconf -i is run.

so if the host system, that recreates the configure scripts as part of 
the "make dist" process, is using a recent linux version, everything 
should be fine (but a manual check that ltmain.sh is at least version 
2.4 can't hurt either)


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