[smpeg] release tarball pls

John Spencer maillist-smpeg at barfooze.de
Tue Jul 8 11:42:20 EDT 2014

while trying to package pygame for my linux distro, i spent a lot of 
time figuring out where to get a release tarball from smpeg (required 

the official website http://icculus.org/smpeg/ does not even mention any 
releases or downloads apart from a link to an archaic source control repo.

poking at the gentoo packages revealed that they use

with custom patches, however that site can't currently be connected to

so i googled for the tarball filename and found this:


however i get this build error:

MPEGaudio.cpp: In member function 'bool 
MPEGaudio.cpp:107:24: error: 'Play_MPEGaudioSDL' was not declared in 
this scope
MPEGaudio.cpp: In member function 'void MPEGaudio::StartDecoding()':
MPEGaudio.cpp:156:42: error: 'Decode_MPEGaudio' was not declared in this 
make[1]: *** [MPEGaudio.lo] Error 1

which was apparently fixed in svn rev 290 in 2005 by Myke Frisinger from 

the svn history (i used git-svn to actually check out a full copy of the 
repo, as svn is a PITA to work with) since has accumulated a lot of 
bugfixes which are all missing from the latest release tarball.

so rather than forcing all distros to use the ancient release + a ton of 
custom fixups, how about distributing finally an up-to-date version?


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