[smpeg] Streamed mp3 only plays for 1 second

Nishchal Arora narora88 at gmail.com
Mon May 10 06:57:05 EDT 2010


I'm using the plaympeg.c code of smpeg on the QNX operating system.
Everything built fine and I am able to play mpeg files stored on that
particular machine. Now,  I've got ffserver running on Linux as a streaming
server. I'm trying to stream an mp3 file over http. But when I run the
program, it plays the streamed file only for a second. When I run plaympeg
again, it starts off from where it left and plays for 1 second.

I've tested it out on Windows Media Player and it plays the entire file in
one go. So, i guess it's not a problem with the streaming server.

Could you please help me out with this.

Kind regards,

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