[smpeg] Xcode project/Universal Binary?

Matt Bentley moc.pophot at hotpop.com
Thu Sep 28 19:50:49 EDT 2006

USETIMESTAMPSYNC is the "-D" that's stuffing-up with your timeplay - 
trust me - I know.
Get rid of that particular switch and you should be fine. Provided
you're using the latest versions of the cvs- and the latest ver of sdl-
if that doesn't work, let me know if you'd like a copy of sm at peg-
I've been making a optimized, debugged fork of the (mostly defunct
really ) smpeg project.
that's the name of the fork BTW :)

Peter Mulholland wrote:
> Hello smpeg,
> I've used smpeg in a few games for MacOS X, and have just been asked
> to update those games to support Universal Binary.
> The easiest way to do this since as the game uses SDL and SDL_mixer
> too, was just to use Xcode for this, and use the UB built Framework
> versions of the SDL libs.
> I tried to make my own Xcode project for smpeg as a framework, and it
> compiles, but the problem is when this version is used, video playback
> is a jittering mess that keeps speeding up and slowing down like
> crazy. When built via gcc-fat.sh, the resultant library works fine,
> but it's a pain in the ass to use as that library is looking for SDL
> libs built in unix-style, not the frameworks.
> For now, I have resorted to using the static smpeg that comes with the
> Xcode project for SDL_mixer, which also works fine - but I would
> prefer to be nice and LGPL friendly and make a working framework of
> smpeg. Any ideas what's going on here?
> I made sure the following preprocessor symbols were defined in the
> I can see, those are what the Makefile defines, too...

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