[smpeg] Smpeg 0.4.4 no longer works with SDL...

Wayne Wilson whw at photon.com
Tue Mar 30 16:58:35 EST 2004


I have had the same trouble except that it seems to work with SDL 1.2.6. 
I asked on the SDL mailing list but no one has responded. I have the 
same trouble with trying to use the OpenGL version of smpeg so I believe 
it may be a smpeg problem but haven't had the time to track it down any 

Wayne Wilson

Dominique Louis wrote:

> Hi all
>   Since upgrading to SDL 1.2.7 under Windows, smpeg no longer works 
> properly with it. When Mpeg movies are played with SDL 1.2.7, the 
> audio is fine, but the associated video is not shown. If I drop a 
> SDL.dll from version 1.2.4, playing the same mpeg file, both audio and 
> video are then fine.
> So is this a problem wih SDL, smpeg or both?
> Thanks,
> Dominique
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