SMPEG threading, SMPEG constructors

Doru-Catalin Togea doru-cat at
Tue Jan 7 04:39:57 EST 2003


I have a few questions about the internal workings of the SMPEG library:

1) What kind of threading mechanism does SMPEG use? Specifically, when
calling a constructor like:

int playBuffer[2];

mpeg = SMPEG_new_descr(playBuffer[0], &info, use_audio);

when will it return control to my programme?

2) In the following declaration from smpeg.h, what kind of structures are

/* The same for a generic SDL_RWops structure. */
extern DECLSPEC SMPEG* SMPEG_new_rwops(SDL_RWops *src, SMPEG_Info* info,
int sdl_audio);

Thanks if you can help,


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